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City Medical Management provides a full continuum of quality mental health services for children, adolescents, transitional youth, adults, seniors and the homeless.

We also provide psychotherapy treatment, rehabilitation and other professional services to those experiencing emotional, adjustment or psychiatric issues.

Did you know that....?


  • One in five adults has a diagnosable mental disorder
  • One in four families will have a member with a mental illness
  • At least 12% of our nations children have a diagnosable psychological disorder, yet only one-third receive any treatment

We Offer:
Treatment programs that include IOP, PHP services to hospitals and rehabilitation centers as well as inpatient drug and alcohol detoxification.

We Specialize in:
Psychiatric stabilization, referral residential programs, and much more.


For more info, download our brochure by clicking here

City Medical Management
3560 Youree Drive
Shreveport, LA 71105
318.573.4726 - Phone
318.425.1451 - Fax 

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